About us

Wanobee is a Japanese kokeshi doll/ handcrafts online shop.
We love kokeshi doll, Kimmi doll, netsuke, lacquerware etc.
From vintage to modern works.

We are based in Osaka prefecture, located in the west region of Japan.
All items are made in Japan.
Please feel free to contact us, if you are looking for anything from Japan.

CEO: Kenji Kasui


Grew up in Nara prefecture and established TENSODO Inc. in 2009, and AMENESQUE Inc. in 2021 with a view to sharing Japanese excellent products to the world. As the companies have expanded, currently they can distribute more than ten thousands of items from hundreds of suppliers.

Since his vision was highly evaluated by the president of Nanto bank, he won the best award from the company.


 : Export and license business

 : E-Commerce/ Web marketing